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Well, everyone, I had my RAI this morning. I was really nervous. I’m not
really sure why. I think it was the fact that I had to go into a little,
locked room, and drink something that was kept behind a barrier in a lead
container. ;) It went well, I guess. I just wish it was more of an instant
gratification kind of treatment. Oh well. At least I was able to eat a
bagel and saimin today, instead of just ricecakes…

Thanks to everyone for all the stories and encouragement. I hope this treat-
ment works.

BTW, I’m a smoker, too. I was forced to quit a couple of months ago when my
GD made me so sick I couldn’t handle them anymore. I don’t know if I will
stay quit. I want to, but who knows? I know that as long as the support
from my family stays the same and I still desire to stay quit, I will.