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    Got another for you. You know that hair stylist I was talking about? Well, she was talking about a patient who was in her 60’s. This lady had a problem with diabetes and stuff and had to have an operation. Once she got her new organ, her hair went from what it was (white) to her natural color (strawberry blonde). Her friends kept saying that she must have dyed her hair. She was really happy that she had her original color back, I think she’d rather have a little peace, you know , about the hair thing. I also was complaining about the white hairs that are growing on my head. Shannon, could it be due to stress?
    If it is, then my brother has a lot of stress and so does his oldest daughter (she was 10 when she had her first white hair).

    You know, come to think about it, my dog has more hair than I do. My chicken (yes, I have a chicken as a pet) just started plucking her hairs out again. What a mess.