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    Here’s a little info on grey hair,
    Grey hair is caused by the absence of hair pigment in the cortical layer,
    (the middle or inner layer which gives strength and elasticity to the hair)
    It is really mottled hair–spots of white or whitish yellow scattered
    about in the hair shafts(portion of hair above the skin surface).

    In most cases, the greying of hair is a result of the natural aging process,
    and is not related to the hair’s texture or growth.
    Grey hair can also happen as a result of illness, or nervous shock.
    An early diminishing of the pigment brought on by emotional tensions also
    may cause hair to turn grey.
    Premature greying in a young person is usually the result of a defect in
    pigment formation occurring at birth, It is often found that several
    members of a family are affected with premature grey hair.

    Most of us with GD know that any disturbance of the Endocrine glands
    may affect the health of our body’s and, ultimately, the health of our hair.