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    Hi everybody! It’s been so great for me to find this BB. I have felt so alone and finding you guys has been comforting. I was severely hyper thyroid when my graves was discovered. Shaking, fast pulse, muscle weakness, fatigued, mental confusion, I thought I was falling apart. Anyway, I had the RAI and it’s been 1 full year now. I have JUST got my first normal bloodwork back, so I guess the replacement medicine is doing what it’s suppose to. My doc says I should be just fine, as all my test are back to normal. Problem is, is that I’m not. I’m still really tired and sometimes it’s hard to walk, cuz my legs are so sore. Has anyone else experienced this? Should I be back to Normal? Sounds like some of you still have symptoms even after treatment. My doc said I don’t have a thyroid anymore, so I don’t really have a thyroid disease anymore. I’m not pleased with him, but not many endos to choose from. Sorry for the long message. Wanted to introduce myself. Thanks!