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    I want to add to the good information Bobbi gave you that if you’re fairly newly diagnosed, your doctor will certainly want you to wait until your eyes are completely stable before doing any surgery. I’m sure you’ve been told that.

    Also, generally the eye muscle surgery may not be the first surgery done, as if your eye muscles are swollen and pushing your eyes forward, some people consider having decompression surgery first. Ten years ago that surgery wasn’t often done unless vision was threatened, but these days techniques have been improved so much that patients have it done many times to improve their appearance as much as to reduce exposure and pressure issues. I had mine done for those reasons and it was the surgery that did the most for restoring comfort and appearance for me.

    You can find someone here who has gone through just about any procedure you are curious about. I haven’t had the strabismus surgery, but my brother-in-law has, and he tells it just as Bobbi described it. He said his pain was minimal and he found the whole procedure to be very minor.

    I understand that for most people the surgery doesn’t correct the double vision in all gazes, unfortunately; but the rest can be helped with prisms in eyeglasses. I have prisms ground in to my prescriptions and they help me except when I’m tired or having an off day.

    Welcome to the board, and please tell us more about yourself if you have the time.

    Dianne W
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