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    Dear Nina,

    I will keep you in my prayers and hope that everything goes well with you. I know I shouldn’t think of myself as disabled but in the State of Florida, you must been deemed disabled by Social Security in order to get Medicaid. I wish I was able to work so I could pay for some insurance. My surgery has been canceled due to the fact I don’t live in a county where my doctor does surgery and the hospital denied me since I don’t live in their county. Even though I am almost legally blind, I must keep my head up high and think good thoughts and maybe something will happen to help me. Right now I’m also dealing with a fast heart rate, low blood pressure, liver problems and after my thyroid surgery, I’m having problems with my medicine. My TSH two times now has been .003. I too wish I was able to go to Cincinnati since that’s my home town and my 24yr old son lives there. Okay, time for me to put a smile on my face and stop thinking about all that’s bad and think of happy good thoughts. Thank you for being a friend and trying to keep my spirits up.