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    So i am posting because i would like to get clarification on the treatment process for hyperthyroidism. Essentially i was diagnosed over 1 year ago and have finally come to grips that i have a problem that i believe i cannot control. the doctors i have seen have bee very direct and in my opinion, rude about just "obliterating the thyroid and getting on medicine." While i understand that my body is not healthy, i feel like i have so many questions. for example:

    -do i take antithyroid drugs first? if so what types of side effects happen? how long can take them?
    -do i have to take other medicines with the antithyroid drugs or avoid certain supplements?
    -can obliteration cause eye problems? what about long-term impacts?
    -is it common to take a series of radioactive iodine therapies? why?
    -how long after obliteration will i begin taking T4? how long does it take to normalize?
    -how to people commonly feel after obliteration and before getting the rigt level of T4?

    Anyone who has went through this and can help me answer these questions or help me ask the right questions is welcome. I know not everyone has exactly the same experiences, but i am looking for insight–anything that can help me understand what i might expect to experience…