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    Hi Tiffany,

    We’re really faced with some pretty difficult decisions, aren’t we? I was ready to go the medication route until I got "The Complete Thyroid Book" which has been very helpful. It says that in general it’s best to avoid antithyroid medication if your doctor knows for certain that you’ll be having RAI and your thyrotixic symptoms aren’t too servere. How does the doctor know for certain, since it’s possible (even though a slight chance) that we might not need RAI after medication? I’d like to try for a full remission too, but worry about the side effects (aplastic anemia and the need for a liver transplant) with the medication. Even though the chance of that is only 1% I’d sure hate to be in that 1%! Those are some pretty serious side effects. On the other hand, the book says that Graves’ disease can be easily controlled with the medication; that’s good news! But from what I understand – the medication can’t be taken forever and when it’s stopped – about 80% go hyper again. Sooo – consequently I sit here going back and forth, back and forth wondering what to do. I’m glad you’ve made a decision; I think that would be a relief.

    I’m with you – I really don’t want to deal with the symptoms of being hypo. I’m physically active and finally have my weight under control and don’t want to have to fight that battle more than I already do. At 54 it’s not easy under the best of circumstances!!

    One other thing – the book says that if you have TED the symptoms get better with medication over other treatments. Just thought I’d add that, since if I remember from an earlier post you apparently have some eye problems.

    Anyway – best of luck and keep posting; I’d like to know what your primary doc says.