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    Hi all,
    It’s been several years since I checked in. I have some ongoing problems with labile BP and really difficult lightheadedness that Dr’s. have no answer for and is difficult to treat. I’m wondering if it is part of ongoing autoimmune disorder, related to Graves?

    History: Head/Neck cancer in 2014. After radiation & chemo was diagnosed with Graves Disease with Thyroid Eye Disorder (GD with TED) in 2015. Went from hypothyroid to hyperthyroid. After TED burned itself out, Thyroid numbers settled down and had successful eye muscle surgery (2017). Thought that was the end of it. Then started having problems with BP which was labile (high and low) and lightheadedness. Efforts to treat have been mostly unsuccessful. If I take BP meds and BP goes down, I am so lightheaded I can barely get off the couch. Been to all kinds of docs, including heart. They can’t find any answer – why or what to do about it. Endocrinologist did some tests and said she couldn’t find anything that might explain it.

    So even though my Thyroid numbers look O.K., could this be long-term or ongoing result of autoimmune response, or Graves? Anyone else have anything like this? THANKS!