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    Kimberly— on the 6-25 you wrote that ATA labels the evidence for ATD pretreatment before RAI as “Strong recommendation with low-quality evidence.” What does that mean? How do they label high-quality evidence?

    Re doctors and treatment, you said–“ there are a lot of other issues that aren’t fully settled, such as pretreatment with ATDs prior to RAI. “

    I’m worried. A doctor said to take ATD before RAI to block possible Thyroid Storm, maybe serious. Said most people don’t have side effects from ATD, but I fear them from what I read. How to predict?

    At least 1 study says ATD pretreatment NOT needed in many cases.
    Clip — NIH study– back in 2001. One of the authors is Dr. David Cooper of GDATF. Says– “The findings support the recommendation that most patients with Graves’ disease do not require antithyroid drug pretreatment before receiving radioiodine.”
    And, in the past GDATF talk on RAI, Dr. Avram said ATD is ‘occasionally’ given pre- RAI. Not sure why occasionally.

    Kimberly, I wonder what was your experience on Methimazole? I saw your post, March 2009, replying to question by ‘enough3’.
    You wrote:
    “I am on Methimazole, but I started creeping hyper again after my Endo and I agreed to cut my dose in half, because my levels had been steady for 6 months. So I understand your frustration!
    Hopefully, you can get a new set of labs soon and start to get things back on an even keel.”

    I read ATD side effects increase with longer use. As pretreatment, what’s chance of side effects like rash, hives, joint pain, mouth sores, nausea? How bad? Some reviews on Everyday Health site are scary.

    Since RAI has higher efficacy and less side effects, why do patients opt for ATD? Do they influence doctors, or do doctors influence patients?
    What posts to read here, pro/con?

    I would worry daily about signs of ATD S.Effects

    white blood count, liver. If have sore throat or yellow in eyes, etc — you must call doctor right away. So,if stop pills, when do side effects stop?

    I’m 79, TSH 0.008. no eye disease or neck lump. Have small benign nodule. My heart rate is raised –but not bothersome.
    I’m gaining back some weight–more energy now—and eating dairy I’d avoided to reduce iodine in food. Doctors said eat normal diet, and the GDATF person on phone said just don’t eat kelp and seaweed.

    Why do some doctors seem to prefer ATD? Do some patients fear radioiodine, so tolerate side effects and relapse? How did you doctor explain it?