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    Kimberly. Thanks for changing my sign in, so no confusion with other person. How about changing my user name to Meredith– my 1st name. (ellen is my middle name)
    Also on my other post, why does it say ‘Registered: 2020-11-08’?
    I registered April 1, 2021, I think. Can we change it?

    Your post was informative, and I’ll read, or re-read, the ATA guidelines you cited. Is there a webinar on RAI that I can see? Maybe with Dr. Cooper in a past lecture.

    Re which treatment—seems some doctors and sites say that if you do take RAI, you should still pretreat with ATD. But I saw other studies saying that’s not needed, you can start with RAI.

    Another poster, Liz, cited—

    The conclusion of the study: ‘Patients using ATD have only a 50.3% chance of ultimately avoiding ablative treatment and only a 40% chance of eventually being euthyroid without thyroid medication.’

    And as you wrote—‘RAI was the front-line treatment for Graves’ in the USA. These days, ATDs are more commonly used in newly diagnosed patients.’

    Yes, I’ve read the trend is changing toward more ATD. Why is this?
    And I’m interested why in Europe ATD has been more commonly prescribed. Interesting article on this in Endocrine News per the Endocrine Society: “Transatlantic Differences Treating Graves’ Hyperthyroidism”.

    It quotes the writers of guideines for the professional organizations here and abroad–Dr. Ross and Dr. Kahaly. But it doesn’t really go into the reasons for the difference. I checked the web but can’t find.