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    Thanks for the links, Kimberly….. I’ll go check them out right now. Actually I don’t have celiac disease, I am only “gluten intolerant”. I’ve been tested for all types of sensitivities and I’m not severely intolerant to gluten – it just becomes a problem if I ingest a lot of it over a short period of time.

    My colitis has been in remission for 9 months (meaning I’m off all colitis meds at the moment) and as long as I behave with my foods, the colitis is manageable. And since I seem to be “hyper” more than “hypo” it seems, if anything, I’m absorbing my Synthroid TOO well. (shrug)

    Lucky me for being “super sensitive” to everything that goes into my body, as well as super sensitive to every tiny side effect and symptom. I so appreciate being able to come here to get valuable information and helpful resources….. thanks to everyone for being here.