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    Yes i was diagnosed with Graves’ disease last year and I have been on PTU for over 6 months now and I’ve responded quite well to it aside from some side effects but my levels are all almost in normal range. I switched endocrinologists and my new one who I like a lot better talked to me more about possibility of surgery especially now with TED involved. I’m actually waiting to find out if I’m approved to start Tepezza infusions. My eyes have not gotten “worse” in a couple months but I’m still very early on in disease. If things start to go downhill fast then my doctor wants to take my thyroid out. I’m hoping I get approved for Tepezza and can start treatment ASAP!
    Sorry to hear your eyes did not go back to normal.. I have a lot of tearing, sensitivity to bright lights, increased orbital fat & swelling, moderate double vision & mild bulging.