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    Hello and welcome – Although many doctors will tell patients to avoid massive sources of iodine (such as seaweed snacks or “thyroid support” supplements), there is not a formal requirement for a low-iodine diet. (The LID *is* recommended for patients who are going through a scan for thyroid cancer and is sometimes recommended prior to getting an uptake & scan to diagnose the cause of hyperthyroidism.)

    Most patients *are* advised to limit exercise until the hyperthyroidism is under control.

    One specific lifestyle change that has an impact with Graves’ is avoiding smoking and secondhand smoke.

    Hopefully, your girlfriend is in regular contact with her doctor and is getting lab tests done on a regular basis. Adjustments in dosing might be required based on lab results.

    It sound like her move is imminent, so it might be helpful to find out what it takes to get an appointment with an endocrinologist in Canada, as here in the USA, it can take some time to get a new patient appointment. (Not sure if Canada has the same issues). Also, one of the medications for Graves’ (PTU) was in short supply in Canada in 2020, so it would be good to follow up if that’s the med she is on. There are other options for medication if that’s the case.

    Wishing you and your girlfriend all the best!