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    Glad to know I’m not the only one who is experiencing this. I will look into Armour Thyroid more, thanks. I hope to start working on my diet soon and cleaning it up (in hopes that it will help many of the things I have) so thanks, that’s good advice. I have to imagine this is thyroid or autoimmune related because I never experienced it until my thyroid starting acting up, it disappeared after surgery, and then started back up once my thyroid grew back, but based on my levels being normal (with mmi) every time we checked, they ruled out thyroid as the cause. I know it is definitely related but they keep telling me it’s not since my levels are normal. But now that I’ve had a full dose of RAI (assuming it worked), why would I still be having the muscle spasms. I am still searching for answers or for doctors who have some experience with this because most of the ones I’ve been to completely dismiss it as thyroid related.