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    Wow that is severe! I relate to everything you say so much! I have recently had another increase in the occurance of these severe spasms (i have no clue why) and it’s, again, gotten to the point where it happens every day multiple times, especially at night. They all seem to vary in strengh, pain, location, length of time they last and I can’t figure out any reason why they would change. The worst ones will immobilize me, like you said, and I can’t do anything but think about how bad the pain is. Again, similar to you, doctors considered parathyroid (but ruled it out), and loaded me up on calcium and magnesium (hasn’t helped at all even at very high doses), and thyroid levels were normal at the time so they said it was unrelated. I have also been tested for a couple other disorders but havent tested positive for anything (like Addisons Disease).

    Now it is important to say, I am one month post RAI and still having these spasms. They come in phases, I’ll have bad ones for weeks and weeks, then none for a month, then it’ll come back slightly weaker, then stronger than ever. It makes no sense and I’m not changing anything that could affect this that I know of. I will get my thyroid levels checked in about a week to see how successful RAI was and that should give me some more information.