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    I had asevere case of graves with my thyroid levels at 3.5x the norm by the time i had my surgery. I was 103 lbs & 5’6″ so that tells u alot…its now been 3 months since my surgery and i have such bad muscle spasms, or i usually call them charlie horses everywhere, sometimes immobilizing me completely until they pass. Now i have had charlie horses before, maybe a handful of times but now its every day, multiple ti es. Like you, one dr said itwas unrelated, one d4 loaded me up on magnesium and calcium saying it was an imbalance in electrolytes, but my primary said it cud have been damage caused to my parathyroid in thesurgery as the hormone storedin the parathyroid is directly related to muscle spasms or “charlie horses”… i am curious to know what other things could be causing this because i am now on a muscle relaxer which makes me sleep all day…i need to fix this!!