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    Hello, Kimberly. I’ve told both of the endocrinologists I see and neither of them seem to understand exactly what I mean as these don’t feel or act like normal muscle spasms. They told me to take a multivitamin and stretch. I have been doing this for about a month and the spasms haven’t improved at all. Since I kept reporting these symptoms, I got a full metabolic panel done a couple days ago and the only level I have heard back about so far is phosphorus and that was normal. So I’m still waiting to hear about the calcium, magnesium, and other levels that could potentially be affecting my muscles. I started on a high dose of magnesium and calcium supplements several days ago (after my blood draw) and have not gotten any relief. And since I’m in remission from Graves, I’ve been getting my thyroid levels checked every 2 weeks or so and they’ve been pretty normal though I’m gonna have them done again tomorrow (because I’ve had a recent dramatic increase in graves symptoms) so we’ll see.