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    Hey! I got diagnosed in spring 2019 and had a “total” thyroidectomy in August 2019 but the small amount of tissue left in my neck grew exponentially fast and I am back to where I started a year ago with a goiter and hyperthyroidism so I’m looking into treatment options yet again! I just made the decision to get RAI treatment since I have tried the other two treatment methods (medicine and surgery). I have some concerns too as it seems scary to get my thyroid radiated lol. My main concern is fertility issues and possibly increasing the risk of certain cancers. Obviously I can’t advise you but this is a very common treatment and many people seem to come away from it with no long term issues. Also, I know of two people in my life who got RAI and had multiple successful pregnancies. But it’s always a good idea to research! I hope you find the answers you’re looking for and good luck on your upcoming RAI treatment and overall thyroid journey :)