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    Hello – We’re fellow patients here, and this is a decision that you definitely want your doctor to weigh in on. Is there any chance that there’s an on call doctor while your own provider is on vacation? A few general comments…

    1. An experienced opthalmologist can help you determine if you have TED, and if the TED is severe enough to either avoid RAI or do do a course of steroid therapy in conjunction with the RAI.

    2. We’ve heard from many patients who have had successful pregnancies after RAI, but it *is* recommended that you postpone trying to conceive for up to a year after treatment. (Some docs say 6 months).

    3. Most docs don’t recommend the LID for RAI treatment for hyperthyroidism – it’s primarily used for those undergoing treatment for thyroid cancer. A few docs do recommend this, though.

    4. Research on thyroid cancer and RAI has been very mixed. Will include a couple of links below to different studies.


    ATA (summarizes a previous study)