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    It has been 5 weeks since I started the Levothyroxine. I take it at 4 am along with the cytomel now. I wasn’t instructed on how to take the cytomel. Food or no food. I have been taking it with my other med on an empty stomach. Is this ok?

    Since my TSH is so high, my doctor recommended I wait to taper off the meds. I tried and it didn’t go well. .

    Weird thing is I felt really good for two weeks after I started my hormones. I felt normal. So weird to now feel so bad.

    I haven’t been taking calcium within 4 hours of my meds.

    I’m 120 pounds now and have lost 5 pounds since I started feeling badly again.

    Any suggestions are welcome. I want good absorption. I was surprised at my TSH level.

    I have friends on much less hormone and they weigh more than me so it doesn’t make sense. I thought they calculate by weight.

    Does exercise affect levels? What are other things which can affect levels?

    Thank you. I am so appreciative to you for the info.