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    I cannot find any reports of the drugs you are taking interfering with levothyroxine but ask your pharmacist. A TSH of 22 is very hypo and often it is difficult to differentiate hypo symptoms from hyper, they can be the same. You are on a few drugs that affect anxiety and depression and your problem may be with those, especially if any were prescribed for hyperthyroid symptoms prior to your thyroidectomy. It takes about six weeks for your TSH to reflect any changes in your levothyroxine dose so some patience is required there. Cytomel can be taken wth food but if you were taking levothyroxine without waiting an hour to eat and 4 hours before calcium, etc, that would have interfered with absorption. It usually only takes a couple of months to get to the correct dose but they go slowly in increasing the dose so you dont overshoot and end up hyper and seesawing between the two.