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    I began Tepezza infusions on June 4th, 2020 and had my third one last week on July 16. I have had severe Graves opthalmopathy/Thyroid eye disease since around February of 2019. Tearing, dry eyes, feeling like there is somewhere between sand and chunks of glass in my eyes at times and strabismus (double vision) all the time bad enough that I must wear a patch on my right eye. I was diagnosed hypothyroid around 8 years ago and have been on levothyroxine since that time. Since starting Tepezza the most annoying problem, the tearing and gritty eyes has mostly gone. The proptosis (swelling that pushes the eyes out) is significantly reduced. I still have the strabismus so far. My eyes are still somewhat dry but not nearly as bad as they were prior to when the treatment started. I sometimes go several hours without having to use eye drops and am sleeping much better. I am still early in the treatment. For me there have been few side effects. Nothing the day of the infusion, for sure a bit nauseous and generally funky feeling the next day for a day. Some dry itchy skin for a day as well. Mind you I have just started this process. The studies I have read indicate that it is after the third treatment, which I just had a few days ago, that the real effects start to kick in. Of course all of our mileage will vary.