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    Thank you for your informative post. They didn’t tell me not to take calcium within four hours of my hormone replacement, but I haven’t anyway, so that is good, but I wouldn’t have known if you hadn’t told me, in case I changed my medication regime.

    Thank you for the encouragement and all the details about what happens during surgery and how you might be affected. It does help to understand the physiology of it all.

    I have been struggling so much with depression for months, it was getting better after surgery and then I went down again. I have never been through such a roller coaster of mental and emotional trauma like this and have it go on and on and on.

    Just weary I guess. I want to get out and live my life and have felt so crummy for months. Sometimes it feels like it will not end.

    Thank you. I keep trying to believe it will get better. Right now it is as if I am not rational.

    Coping has felt monumental.

    I appreciate this forum and the encouragement of those who have been through this!