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    Surgery was the best thing that ever happened to me.

    I got my life back!

    The anxiety and “crazy” went away as soon as that source of constant inflammation was finally removed. The change was nothing but astonishing.

    I had a few bumps with regulation, started at 100mcg of Synthroid, and finally stabilizing at 175mcg. It took a year or two to get to 175. We adjusted as bloodwork and personal opinion dictated. I feel best on the higher end of the T4 range instead of dead center.

    I pay $35 a month cash for Synthroid, not rung thru my insurance, at a small independent pharmacy. I have never had generic or Porcine derived, so I cannot speak to their reliability, safety, or effectiveness.

    Waking up from surgery my throat was sore but with that inflammation causing, diseased organ gone, it felt like I had a big exhale. An inner calmness that hadn’t been there for the 8 years prior. Some say it was the post surgical drugs, lol, but I wasn’t given anything strong. After surgery they want you up and walking around as soon as possible.

    I woke up with the anxious, disagreeable, irritable side of me missing. I don’t know how else to explain it. A big exhale, a new person. I just felt better upon waking up. After the failed RAI the year before…there was an all out war going on inside my body.

    The war was finally over.

    My larnyx was irritated by the intubation, that took some time to resolve. My voice was weak for about 2 months after but that is rare I’ve been told. Other than that, pretty smooth sailing post op.

    Since surgery I’ve lost weight and gained muscle. Keto works for me. Carbs are delicious but overrated IMO. I’d rather have clothes that fit. Lol

    I would recommend TT to anyone suffering mental effects from Graves’. It stopped the crazy real fast. Lol

    Good luck in your journey. Keep us posted!