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    Thank you for sharing your journey. I have talked with one other graves patient and she did the surgery. She had pretty severe symptoms.

    There seems to be controversy over if I just have toxic nodules or Graves or both. I am seeing a third specialist next week.

    I had a consult with an endocrine surgeon and he recommended surgery for me. He said even when levels are normal on meds I would not feel like myself. Also, nodules can become cancerous. He seemed to disagree with the second diagnosis and wants to do an ultrasound.

    It is so hard to hear many doctors opinions. This is the first one besides my primary care who seems to understand what I have been going through and how difficult this is. He told me being told insomnia was not related, was wrong. So, I at least I felt validated that this disease is causing my symptoms and that I am not just some psyche case.

    Everyday is such a struggle. I have been on methemisole for 9 weeks. I still cry every day and feel foggy and depressed. I’m tired and unable to do much of anything.

    The last doctor told me they were just concerned about getting numbers in range. They were not willing to consider all the symptoms I am still having, so I am seeing a third Endo. I have personal friends who have referred me based on their experience. I am hopeful he can sort my labs out and help me.

    I have been having headaches every day, wondering if this is part of it?

    Also, was it very difficult to get balanced on hormones? What was your experience after surgery?

    Thank you