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    Hello, I had this same question about working with Graves’ Disease. It would be helpful if more people could share their experiences. I used to struggle with fatigue and difficulty concentrating before my thyroid became better controlled with Methimazole. I still struggle but find that these these symptoms come and go during the day. Unfortunately, the only coping mechanism I’ve found is to power through the moment of fatigue at work until it passes. Any other strategies or recommendations are wholly welcomed.

    CrackerBilly wrote:
    I’ve been diagnosed with Grave’s Disease for 4 years, though, I think I’ve had it longer. My endo said I wasn’t a candidate for radiation because of my eyes. I’ve been up and down with the Methimazole, for 3 years now. Now my endo wants to raise my dosage, put me in Hypo then put me on Hypo meds with Methimazole. Has anyone gone through this? Also, has anyone had trouble with working having Grave’s Disease?