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    Hello – We are fellow patients and can’t interpret labs or give medical advice, *but* I would follow up with your doctor and ask if your country has specific medical guidelines on the treatment of hyperthyroidism. In the USA, doctors are advised to base dosing off of Free T4 and T3 and *not* TSH, which can take some time to rebound. Once T3/T4 are in range, the dose is often reduced, with followup testing to see if further adjustments are needed. (Note: you should *not* adjust the dose on your own without consulting with a doctor.)

    Hopefully, you are getting hard copies of your labs. If you note that your T3/T4 have fallen from being too high to being at the bottom of the “reference” range in a short time, that could definitely explain your fatigue.

    As for psychological issues, that is more challenging to sort out. Many patients do find relief once labs are normal and stable – “stable” meaning that your numbers are consistent from test to test and *not* rising or falling. In other cases, there is a separate underlying condition like depression or anxiety disorder that requires separate treatment. Your first step will be to get your levels both normal *and* stable. If this endocrinologist isn’t taking your concerns seriously, do you have a primary care doc who could do a second review of your results and your current dosing?