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    RAI can start the eye disease in some people. Yet sometimes the eye disease occurs after thyroidectomy, altho that is rare. Antibodies attack your thyroid gland and only attack eye muscles incidentally. The thyroid is the main target. RAI kills the functioning of the thyroid but the tissue is still there. So your ophthalmologist would be the one I would heed. Removing the main target of the antibodies, the thyroid tissue, may hasten burn out. Thyroid cancer patients have radiation after surgery as they cannot risk even a tiny bit of thyroid tissue remaining so this may be your doctors thinking. This is a mysterious disease in many ways. There are no really good options to stop or prevent the eye disease. All you can do is try to control the inflammation, speed up burnout if possible, and surgically fix the damage done to the eyes when it has burned out. Wish there were better options or at least more certainty. Ask your ophthalmologist to recommend a thyroid surgeon and set up an appointment to talk to him, see what he says. My endocrinologist did not recommend thyroidectomy, but my ophthalmologist did, as did the surgeon. Your case is different as you have had RAI but you have to trust your doc, he has access to latest studies.