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    Liz1967 wrote:
    5 years post thyroidectomy, and two years post last of six eye surgeries on both eyes. Except for some remaining double vision, I am back to preGraves. That being said, I had some anxiety issues before Graves and I firmly believe a perfect storm of bad life events triggered Graves, as is true with many people. My anxiety issues were certainly not made better by the Graves diagnosis and the eye disease with the worries about thyroid levels, etc. No one likes to hear that anxiety can cause real physical symptoms, but it can and it does. I have IBS, migraines and GERD, all of which can make you miserable and I do not attribute those symptoms to Graves. I feel just like I did before Graves and I keep my TSH at a good level for me. So my “normal” does include nonGraves anxiety provoked vascular and enteric issues, issues that existed somewhat preGraves and can be made worse by worry. I really do not notice any symptoms caused by slight variations in my TSH but some people do. I really do forget about Graves most of the time. Look for other causes of your symptoms too so you dont miss another diagnosis.