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    I’m sure you’ll get other responses but since I popped in here just because I haven’t in so long, I thought I’d reply. No, Graves Disease is not going to rob you of your life forever. You WILL be able to get your life back. I was diagnosed with Graves several years ago and when I couldn’t control my TSH levels with meds, I opted to have my thyroid removed. Has it made all my problems go away? No, of course not, but do I regret doing it? No.

    I still have TSH fluctuations (and am still trying to figure out what causes the ups and downs but I probably never will) so when I feel my TSH is off, I have blood drawn and me and my doctor adjust my Synthroid accordingly.

    Am I free of any Graves symptoms? No. I have various symptoms whenever my TSH is either rising or falling, even slightly, I’m incredibly sensitive to the changes. But do they interfere with my daily life? No.

    I’m sorry I can’t help you with finding a good doctor but don’t lose help – you WILL get your life back.