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    Hi. I have no idea how to reduce my high TSI antibodies and neither does my doctor. He said it’s simply proof I have Graves. I went a bit overboard online trying to find an answer and all I did was end up back at square one frustrated.

    I had RAI. Took highest possible dose that didn’t require hospitalization quarantine. Yes it can worsen TED. Also had all the eye surgeries. They’re not as bad as they sound. You won’t be in pain at all. A bit of discomfort for a few days and black and blue. Try not to be afraid. I was left with less than 2% double vision because my eye muscles were like “pulling a leather belt” with scar tissue from the antibodies that attacked my eyes per dr.
    But I had really BAD double vision after first eye orbital decompression. This is expected. Had to put a lens cover on eyeglasses until the muscle surgery. Now I don’t need patch on one eyeglass lens.

    been hypo on synthroid with perfect lab results for years. Still feel off. Never been the same actually since it all started in 2007. I was told by my 2nd endo To take brand only synthroid and I do. She said Any fluctuation w generic can effect lab levels. Take it same time daily and don’t eat for an hour or take other meds w it. I’m trying it at night now because I can’t wait to have coffee :)

    Endo said Graves patients should not do armor or whatever that alternative is.

    Talk to your eye specialist about a kenalog injection under each eye. The steroid goes into your orbit and helps inflammation a lot for a few months.
    I did it quarterly for a few years and he monitored optic nerve pressure to prevent blindness. They really helped me with edema, watering etc.
    I still get the injections twice a year. Better than taking oral steroids and bouncing off walls. I wear prescription sunglasses when outdoors. Helps so much with wind and brightness. Try dry eye drops and sleep w head elevated. Don’t smoke or drink a lot of caffeine. Eat as healthy as possible too.
    Small walk?
    If you have any other questions please ask. I know your pain. You’re not alone.
    It truly is a life changer. My eye doc said it can be not only physically challenging but psychologically disabling for many. He’s amazing so finding the BEST eye dr who has dealt with this helps more than I can say.
    Try to find something you enjoy or maybe never did but always wanted to do.
    I found horses a few years in and learned to ride a little at 50. Take care.