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    Thank you for your detailed reply, I appreciate your time. I was under the impression that – solely based on my first Dr’s original assessment – what I’ve experienced post-op wasn’t textbook strabismus – that’s why I reached out here. I’m very aware that it IS a well known complication and yes, I went in knowing it was possible, but not probable. As I said earlier, in all of his years of practice – and that of the ENTs – I’m the only patient that it actually happened to. My surgeon was so alarmed he consulted the strabismus specialist before I even knew it wasn’t temporary – and it can be. The long and short of it is – no one is agreeing on what it is that I’m personally experiencing.

    The second Dr. concluded strabismus by exam alone. She has the most recent MRIs to review, but still – now who do I trust? Speaking of, I live on the east coast, but I tried consulting with Dr. Douglas pre-op, I didn’t get a reply from his office at the time. I even follow him on Instagram. The surgeon I used did the prior lid surgery and we had many discussions about OD – so I went ahead. I will say that if it comes to having further lid surgery, I will be seeing Dr. Douglas! It was also through a strabismus specialist he works with and interviewed for his series on YT that I found my 2nd opinion – she recommended her.

    Other than readers, I don’t wear glasses (cataract surgery, both eyes – thank God!!) and both Dr’s have concluded that prisms for my situation wouldn’t be a solution for what I’m experiencing. I’ve been wearing a patch inside sunglasses with built- in readers. I mostly use them in the car. Standard readers are fine for computer and iPhone use. Other than that, as you said, turning my head slightly works for all other times, but I always keep a patch nearby just in case. I also have difficulty in many situations (shopping – especially in grocery stores!) but I live alone so I’ve had to adapt as much as possible – I’ve even traveled alone.

    I’m not afraid of the muscle surgery at all – I just wish that if I need it, it will be decided soon. Days after I had surgery, I lost my job to a workforce reduction (not to mention my mom right between surgery and that – horrible 2 weeks!!). I’m temping currently, but making 1/2 of what I used to. I can’t commute to higher paying positions with my eye as it is (and taking time away for all of the Dr. appt’s) – I worry about that too.

    Sorry for the long reply – I felt you we’re kind enough to respond, I should reciprocate.