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    Ah, at three weeks out I was still in my levothyroxine honeymoon phase. I felt good for about a month (my first normal TSH ever was 11 days after my TT, 4 days on levo) and then I started heading hyper. It took another 2 1/2 years (and 5 dosage changes) for me to get my second normal TSH test result.

    To clarify, I’ve felt “okay” (not great) for the last two years – normal T4 and T3. It’s just been my TSH that was suppressed, and since my T4 now comes from a pill, my endo says that my TSH is the measure we need to go by. (Before my TT, my TSH was suppressed and it wasn’t a big deal – we just went by my T4 and T3).

    My big issue right now is migraines, and I recently started seeing a new neurologist. She increased my dose of topiramate (to prevent migraines), and after a couple of weeks I had some tummy troubles four days in a row. I even went to see my doctor (my neurologist wasn’t available until November). She didn’t see a connection – thought the side effect would have come up immediately, and suggested I picked up a bug. I’m not convinced, but whatever. It could be something completely unrelated like a food sensitivity or maybe I’m developing another autoimmune disease. I’ve continued having tummy troubles occasionally – a couple of times a week, but not continually like before.