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    BTW – Just as a comparison, since this was the main point of your inquiry…
    Note: When you see this symbol: “<" it means that this is the lowest that the lab can measure - actual results could be lower. My labs at initial diagnosis:
    TSH: <0.006 (normal range 0.450 - 4.500)
    Free T4: 4.31 (normal range 0.82 – 1.77)
    Free T3: Not tested

    My labs after 1 month on 20 mg Tapazole (Generic: Methimazole)
    TSH: <0.006 (normal range 0.450 - 4.500)
    Free T4: 2.50 (normal range 0.82 – 1.77)
    Free T3: 8.1 (normal range 2.0 – 4.4)

    Note: Changes in TSH tend to lag behind changes in T4 and T3, so it wasn’t unexpected that there was no improvement in my TSH.

    I was told I had a severe case. My thyroid antibodies were never tested, though. My Graves’ was diagnosed based on a Thyroid Uptake and Scan (test in which you swallow a pill containing radioactive iodine and then go back and have the radioactivity measured and image made of your thyroid. Note: This is different than RAI – only a test, not a therapy).