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    Hello and welcome – We are fellow patients here and aren’t allowed to interpret labs or make a diagnosis. It would be helpful for you to get hard copies of your labs to see where you are in reference to your lab’s “normal” range.

    Report any suspected side effects to your doctor or pharmacist – you definitely want a professional opinion on this!

    Also ask your doc about your exercise routine, as you don’t want to overstress your heart at this point.

    The current theory is that certain individuals are genetically predisposed to getting an autoimmune disease — and then some “trigger” actually activates the disease. Suspected triggers can include viral illness, stress, something in the environment, or physical trauma.

    There’s not a “best time” to take Tapazole that I’m aware of, but it *is* important to pick a time when you know you can be consistent. For most of us, that ends up being first thing in the morning.

    Take care – and keep us posted!