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    I am so disappointed that I missed this post a few months ago. I do have some questions.
    1. Are there a greater and greater number of people who have been taking the anti thyroid medication for many years? I have not met anyone else personally who has been on tapazole for as long as I have been, 12 to 14 years.
    2. Along with that question is have there been any studies done on the side effects of taking methimazole over a long period of time? If so does it matter how much methimazole you are taking and does the methimazole side effects accumulate over time? What are the biggest side effects?
    3. I know the 3 main treatment options for those with Graves disease. After much thought and prayer and angst when I was initially diagnosed I opted for the methimazole and have always been happy that that is what I chose. I was close to remission several years ago and only taking 5 mg per week. Unfortunately I had a flare up and had to go back to taking 25 mg per week. I currently have unexplained pitting edema in my lower legs and periodic swelling in my eyelids. I am wondering if there is any pattern or time at which doctors suggest or recommend that you choose a different treatment option other than taking the methimazole?
    This is my second time posing questions to this forum. Thank you so very much for the responses for my first question no. They were extremely helpful.
    PS maybe these questions were already answered but I cannot seem to find where the information would be.