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    Hello and welcome – we’re fellow patients here, but a couple of thoughts…

    Do you have hard copies of your labs? That is helpful so that you can see for yourself where your TSH and T3/T4 are as compared to the “normal” range. Some doctors will dose based on TSH only, but that can remain suppressed early in the course of treatment and is not a good benchmark.

    You obviously have a LOT on your plate with your husband deployed and two little ones, but if you can find another endocrinologist in your area, a second opinion might be helpful. You can check out the “looking for a doctor” thread in the announcements section of the forum.

    The symptoms of Graves’ can often mimic those of issues like depression and anxiety disorders. Sometimes there *is* a separate issue that needs treatment, but in other cases, the symptoms will resolve once thyroid levels stabilize. This video from our 2012 conference in San Diego might be of interest.

    Wishing you and your family all the best – please keep us posted!