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    Do you think the pain in your legs could be in the muscle? Years ago I was having calf pain, usually in the mornings – often when I’d stop at the convenience store on my way to work. It seemed to come on after running around to get ready, then several minutes of inactivity in the car. My doctor didn’t know what was causing it but ordered an ultrasound to rule out a blood clot. Months later, I had a similar pain in my hip and she prescribed Mobic, an anti-inflammatory. It actually took care of my calf pain as well as my hip pain, so I’m convinced my pain was due to inflammation.

    Now, I have issues with my kidneys and try to avoid anti-inflammatory meds. The calf pain went away for years, but it’s back now. I’d heard good things about turmeric for inflammation and verified with my nephrologist that it’s okay for me to take. It works pretty well. I notice a difference when I forget to take my supplements.