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    The only problem I had with methimazole was that it took me a whole year to get stable on it. That was my body’s fault, though – not the drug. I’ve read several accounts of people who had allergic reactions. Some did fine on PTU and others had the same allergic reaction with PTU. Some had to take benadryl (per doctor’s orders) along with their methimazole and the allergic reaction eventually subsided, so they didn’t have to keep taking it.

    You have a lot going on: upcoming vacation and potential insurance changes. FWIW, when I was choosing my treatment, I was concerned that I might lose my insurance, so I was considering medication cost as a factor. WalMart has levothyroxine for $4, so that’s a point in favor of RAI or TT.

    The issue with TT is that, ideally, you need to be euthyroid before you can have the surgery, and since you’re having issues with the medication needed to get you euthyroid, you’re kind of at an impasse. When I was diagnosed, I was leaning toward TT, but it just took too long to get euthyroid and I got comfortable on the meds. (I eventually got my TT 4 years later after I developed a suspicious nodule).

    I can see why you’re going with RAI because you can have it done now and don’t have to wait until you’re euthyroid. It’s just too bad that your vacation is coming up so soon. I doubt you’ll be feeling better in September if your RAI is on 8/13. Of course, there’s also the chance that you could become hypo on vacation and then how would you get labs done or medication?

    I’m curious why you chose RAI over PTU. If the PTU worked, it might be your best bet for having an enjoyable vacation.

    (BTW – If you check out the facebook group, I post there too. Marci Timothy is my actual name). :-)