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    Hello and welcome – You can use the “search posts” feature here to look for specific keywords (“RAI”, “PTU”, “Surgery” etc. and read experiences from community members.

    You might also consider checking out our Facebook page and joining the group there, as that group tends to be more active than this one. From the main FB page, you will either see a “Groups” option along with “Events”, “Photos”, etc. – or it sometimes shows up as a blue “Visit Group” box.

    A second opinion might be helpful, as this is an important decision, and all three options have both risks and benefits, depending on your individual situation. For example, if you want to pursue surgery, it’s important to have a surgeon who does a LOT of these procedures. If you are thinking about RAI and you have some eye involvement, you might want to check with an ophthalmologist about the risk of worsening eye disease.

    Take care – and keep us posted!