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    Hello Cl14.
    I agree with Kimberly, but also what I have found EXTREMELY helpful over the years is to keep a log or journal of how I’m feeling at each medication dose. I have a list of symptoms that I seem to feel when I’m going hyper, and a list of symptoms for when I think I’m going hypo, a list for when I’m simply changing from one to the other, etc. It has helped immensely to look back over it and see if whatever symptoms I’m having coincide with whatever change I’ve recently made.

    Also, when you have your blood tested, always ask for a hard copy of the results and on that piece of paper, write down how you were feeling the day you had them drawn. You can then look back over the past bloodwork and see a pattern, see at which TSH levels you felt best, etc.

    We have to be our own doctors in dealing with this disease.