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    Liz1967 wrote:
    I had one postop TT checkup at six weeks and he did an ultrasound in the office, even tho he was positive he got it all. He had done it preop too. Thyroid cancer patients get followup to be sure nothing at all is left and my doc felt it was just as vital for Graves patients. I think there may other tests like scintigraphy to look for the tiniest of thyroid tissue left behind.

    I have just made a note in Things to Discuss with Doc” about this….. what a shocker (and possibly what a shame!) that no doctor has ever even insinuated that I could still be producing some.

    I THINK, about a year ago when I expressed my frustration at my crazy fluctuating levels that the doctor mumbled something about “maybe still some thyroid tissue that hasn’t died off yet” and I said “but it was over 3 years ago” and she shrugged and said anything’s possible. I should have pursued it, and I certainly will now!