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    Hi Liz.
    In the past the fluctuations have been pretty severe:

    from March to September I went from 2.2 to 6.8,
    from September to November I plummeted down to 0.7,
    November to January down to 0.6,
    then from April to June up to 2.3.

    I have a physical Wednesday and she’ll ask how I feel at this level and will ask if I want to tweak the dose some more, but I swear the tweaks are tiny: last time we switched me from 95 mcg a day to 93 mcg a day, and the time before that we changed from 88 mcg to 95 mcg.

    I don’t really want to tweak doses right now but the issue is I have all the symptoms of my TSH moving again so maybe in a week or two I’ll have it checked again to see if it’s going higher or lower. Sheesh!

    Yes, I wrack my brain trying to figure out what could be interfering with absorption but I’m scrupulous about same time every day, no food or drink for an hour after, etc. I’m on some new meds but they are at least 90 minutes after I take my Synthroid.

    Thanks for replying.