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    I saw my endocrinologist and was set up with appt. for the surgeon who does all their thyroidectomies. He comes highly recommended. In the meantime I am allergic to methimazole and PTU. Dr. said no surgery until my thyroid levels are lower. I am currently on 50 mg Benadryl at bedtime and being weened off prednisone 20 mg daily. My endo. wants me to actually increase my methimazole to 30 mg daily to get my levels down as fast as possible so I can have surgery. What if I blow out in hives again? I can’t take PTU either.

    My current labs: TSH <0.007
    Free T4 3.85 (normal=0.9-1.80)
    Free T3 15.9 (normal=2.3-4.2)
    The surgeon’s assistant said thay have a lot of “tricks” to get the thyroid level down if I am allergic to meds. If they can’t then they mentioned RAI which I DO NOT want. Having RAI will require me to stay on meds I am already allergic too until my thyroid shrinks down and I heard RAI can cause thyroid storm.

    Any advise? Please keep fingers crossed I can tolerate meds until surgery!