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    I was diagnosed with Graves in 2006. I had some exophthalmia, but not too bad, so no need for steroids. I had RAI ablation that December. It went smoothly and was painless, but I took awhile to get stabilized on levothyroxine. After stability, the only difficulty was in taking the pill daily, but it is easy to get into a habit. And I echo that small aberrations to your schedule have no noticeable impact.

    I developed TED in 2014, ultimately having surgeries in 2017. The surgeries went rather smoothly. I didn’t need pain meds, was up and about in a day or two, and back to work after four or five days. Eyes are back to normal.

    The scariest part of it is all the unknown. Research it all and educate yourself. It is not a difficult disease to get through, as they now have the ability to successfully treat most of what Graves throws at you.