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    It is not as bad as you are anticipating. You might have two uncomfortable postop days. If you do not do it and your TED recurs, you run the risk of optic neuritis as you have no space to spare in your orbits. TED recurs more often than they previously thought. I have had one flareup three years after it was completely burned out. I was grateful that I had had the ODs because there was no pressure put on the nerve, just some irritation and worsening diplopia, all of which were resolved with a short course of high dose oral prednisone. It makes a huge difference in dryness and appearance. My life would be miserable if I had not had the orbital decompressions. I was 65 the first time I had general anesthesia for the thyroidectomy and I was scared, but it turned out to be no big deal. I have had it twice more, ODs and strabismus surgery, since then with no issues at all. You will be fine.