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    Hey I’m so sorry to hear you are suffering so much with this condition. Many, many fellow patients struggle with all the ups and downs of this condition. I have definitely been there. Just know that it is not uncommon to feel this way in the beginning because it is seriously overwhelming! But it will get better. Things will stabilize and you will have control over your life and your thyroid disease. It’s rough in the beginning but for most people, this is the toughest part and it gets much much better. I’m glad you took action to get a different endocrinologist because that can make a huge difference. It’s also been very helpful for me to see a counselor throughout my thyroid journey, one who understands the disease and can give some guidance through this crazy time in your life. The way you feel now, though completely valid and understandable, will not last forever! Good luck as you search for a treatment that works for you and as you progress in school! You can do it!