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    My 1st endo felt a lot like what you’re describing. Had me in tears at times. Her practice was primarily focused on diabetics & she didn’t seem very tuned in to the things that thyroid pts may experience. Our relationship was difficult & at times I began to wonder if it was me. But I found a 2nd one that I really like (and yeah, it took MONTHS to get in to see her!!!). Her practice also deals w/ diabetes, but I can tell that she has a sincere interest in thyroid issues AND that she keeps up w/ new studies & articles PLUS really seems to listen to her thyroid pts. She’s the one that told me that the TSH lab range is arbitrary & too wide for most folks & that she’s noticed that most (not all) of her pts feel best between 1 & 2, so this is what her initial goal would be. If we got there & that didn’t feel right, she said we would then adjust off symptoms – even adding T3 if I needed to. I was sold!

    A 2nd opinion seems like a worthwhile idea, even if you have to wait a few months to get in which can happen in some parts of the country. Having a good endo (one that’s good for you, that is) makes a huge difference & is worth waiting for! Makes this whole thing so much easier, so much less frightening. Plus you just get better quicker!