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    Hello SueAndHerZoo, ChristinaDe and Shirley,

    Thank you all 3 of you for getting back to me.
    @SueAndHerZoo – yes, I am really glad that I found this forum and to realize that I am not alone in this. It really upsets me, too, that I have to live with this “illness” for the rest of my life, however, I try reminding myself that I can still work, I can still live a life just like others who do not have thyroid issues.

    @ChristinaDe – Thank you for sharing me the info. Tomorrow, I’m going to call an opthalmologist (my friend gave me her dr’s number), and see if I can get an appt – if I’m lucky, I’ll get one in december and if not, it will be probably in jan 2014. If he doesn’t specialize in TED area, then I’ll ask him where I can go and get my eyes checked. I saw a video on YouTube from a patient who has undergone an eye surgery somewhere in Virginia area. Wow, her doctor really did a great job. I wish I have the $$ and the time off from work to fly over there to have her doctor fix my issue.

    @Shirley, Christina, and SueAndHerZoo – I realized that it’s not just the fermented cabbages that are high in sodium but the buckwheat noodle also has 38% of sodium / the rice noodles come with 18% sodium…OMG. I have been living off on these noodle and fermented cabbage salads since July on a daily base. On wkends, this would be my lunch and dinner…then I’ve been making roast beef, chicken, ground turkey dishes using a barbecue marinade which has 38% sodium, for my daily lunch menu, since july.
    In another words, I’ve been doing a sodium-diet for the past 2 months. Ah, I don’t know what I was thinking, and not checking on sodium level on the nutrition labels. I wanted to save some $$ from grocery bills, which is one of the reason why I’ve been living off on these food.

    Anyhow, I completely changed my diet since Saturday – no more marinades and fermented cabbages. No high-sodium food on my plate.
    I should be getting the pillow wedge from Sears on Wednesday.
    I will give myself a few weeks and see if there’s any change in my eyelids.

    @ everyone,
    I was so depressed yesterday dealing with this issue, but I reminded myself to not spend my day locked inside my appt and worrying. Staying like that won’t do any good to my soul, so I went to gym to work out and then I went to see a movie. This morning, I went to try a dance class that my friend teaches. I felt so good, and I’m glad I didn’t remain inside my appt all wkend over this puffy eyelid issue. However, I can totally see how TED can really effect one’s mood and mind, since I’m already freaking out with puffy eyelids with no signs of bulging eyes. I hope, with all these medical technology developing, that there will be a solution to treat, not just reduce symptoms of Graves disease and also a way to cure TED before eyes get puffy / before eyes start to bulge. That is my wishful thinking.

    Thank you everyone for your support.